About SpaceBase

The SpaceBase Team at NASA Ames Research Center

Our Vision

We see a world in which all people have opportunity to participate in the space industry on an equal footing, in accordance with their aptitude and ambitions.

We plan to contribute to this vision by making education and entrepreneurial support available to those who need it most. 

In short, we want to democratize space for everyone.  We believe that outcome is best achieved when as many people as possible have the education and support required to participate in that effort.


The SpaceBase Team

Our History

SpaceBase was conceived on 31 December 2016 by Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom and Eric Dahlstrom.  In 2017, Rich Bodo signed on, the team joined the first cohort of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship , and SpaceBase Limited was founded.

When we established SpaceBase, we didn't see an ideal legal structure out there for it.  We legally formed SpaceBase as an LLC, but we run it as an impact organization.  Our success is not measured as profit. We are currently in the process of registering as a charitable organization in NZ.


Today we are collaborating with the space community in New Zealand to:

  • Build our directory system and project platform.  This will allow us, together, to take an inventory of where we are, connect with one another, collect feedback, and plan out our next steps. 
  • Establish educational programs and initiatives that we can iterate on and improve.  The New Zealand Space Challenge and Aerospace Challenge are examples of that. 
  • We are active in promoting relevant gatherings and activities countrywide.


Read our 2019 Impact Report and learn about our outcomes and impact to date, as well as our short term milestones and goals.  

Reach us at feedback@spacebase.co. We're looking forward to hearing from you.