A Climate Emergency

We are in a climate emergency. Without any intervention, the planet may be 4 to 5 degrees warmer by the end of the century, rendering much of the planet mostly uninhabitable with extreme weather, sea level rise, and mass extinctions of life. We have an urgent need to work together and engage a broader community of researchers and innovators in the region to address the problems created by climate change.
Today, we have unprecedented access to satellite remote sensing data and technologies that can help us better detect, monitor and measure these changes. The computational capability to analyze this data today is critical in making better management decisions and creating policies to reverse the damage caused to the Planet.

Leveraging Satellite Data

Satellite remote sensing has been the principal method of monitoring the impact of climate change. New satellite data, and wider access to computing and analysis tools, are enabling researchers to develop new solutions. Setting out a specific climate related challenge, with a deadline, would provide an incentive to researchers and innovators to translate research into practical tools, and also encourage new teams to develop their skills to address these challenges.
The prize challenge can be used to reward successful advances in the state-of-the-art while creating opportunities for space education and outreach, and stimulate economic growth and development in the sector.

SpaceBase as a Conduit for Change

SpaceBase has served as the delivery partner for two successful national NZ space and aerospace challenges, working with MBIE, Airbus, ChristchurchNZ, and other partners. In 2021 together with satellite provider Planet, SpaceBase ran the inaugural “Space for Planet Earth” Challenge for the Pacific Region. The Challenge focused on carbon sequestration and coral health.

SpaceBase CEO, Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom brings the experience of supervising over 60 international prize challenges around the world through Singularity University. Prize challenges have a successful record of efficiently solving problems, while simultaneously training participants and creating new start-ups, products, and services. With regional governments placing increased attention on addressing climate change, this is a unique opportunity for innovators and students to be invited to help address this global problem using satellite data.

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For info about the Space for Planet Earth Challenge 2023, click here.  To start the application process to be considered for the finals, click here.


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