Here’s what you can do on SpaceBase:

Using this Site

Searching the Directory

Search is available for Organizations by organization name on SpaceBase. You can also find organizations by sub categories on the directory page. You can use the directory map to find organizations within a region in New Zealand by clicking on organizations on the map.

Joining SpaceBase

To create or update organizations in the directory, or comment on news and events, you must create an account on the website. The “Log In” button on the homepage will ask you to fill out a user profile. Click on the “Create Account” button and fill out your profile. There are only a couple of required fields – takes but a few seconds.

You will have to agree to our Terms and Conditions to complete your registration. Keep in mind that your profile data is public, except for your email address. We will never share your email with anyone through this site, for any reason. We do need your email address to contact you at times – such as to verify or recover your log-in.

Creating and managing an Organization

Before you create an organization, search for it to make sure it’s not already there. If an exact match is not found, then you will see a link at the bottom of the search results: “No listings were found matching your selection. Something missing? Why not add a listing?”. Click on that link.

Creat a new Organization Profile for the organization you want listed.

The profile form should be straightforward. Reminder, though, all of the data on except for the email address in your profile, is licensed under the CC BY SA 4 license.

What to do if you find that an Organization has the wrong owner:

Don’t worry. There are only a couple benign reasons that this might be, and we can fix the problem quickly, with your help.

First reason: Our research team added information about your organization to the NZ Space Directory. We add NZ space industry organizations to the directory under the user “spacebaseadmin”. We only add very basic information that is public and we believe to be factual. If you would like to claim and maintain an organization, just send us an email.

Second reason: Someone else added your organization to This is something that we can resolve quickly by contacting us.

If you think the ownership of an organization should be changed, contact us at [email protected] to resolve the issue.


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