How can SpaceBase help you achieve your goals?

SpaceBase Services 1

Get my region involved in the space industry

  • Space industry briefings
  • Space industry capabilities and opportunities assessment workshops
  • Technology and strategy consultations
  • Space ecosystem development campaigns

Help me build my space company

  • Space industry briefings
  • Mentorship and advisement
  • Investment funding round campaigns
  • Technical assessment Ifeasibility analysis)
  • International business development (talent, suppliers, and customers)
SpaceBase Services 2
SpaceBase Services 3

Help me pursue a space career

  • Space education programmes
  • Online space incubator
  • Space curriculum development

How do I find new space business and investment opportunities?

  • Space industry briefings
  • Identifying investment opportunities
  • Technical due diligence
  • NZ international business facilitation
SpaceBase Services 4
SpaceBase Services 5

How can we solve local and global problems with space technology?


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