Space Challenge 2023 - Sample Proposal and Application Requirements

Phase 1: Sample Form and Proposal (Closed)

The following is the blank application form for applying for the Incubator programme (Stage 1 of the Challenge).  To apply, please go to  See the sample form here.

The Proposal application to participate in the  Online Research Incubator has two requirements:

1. Bios or CVs of your Team Members.
Who will be working on your team and what are their skill sets for working on a successful challenge project?
2. A short proposal document (2-10 pages) that outlines:

  • General technical approach
  • Specific aspect of problem being addressed
  • Projected plan and schedule
  • Specific request for technical support

See the proposal submitted by last year’s High School category winner – Team “Not Basic” from Newlands College, Wellington, New Zealand for an example of a successful proposal to participate in the incubator program.
  Ocean Acidifation as a Measure of Coral Health

See the proposal submitted by last year’s University/Startup category winner – Team “Yadrava Na Vanua” from Suva,Fiji for an example of a successful proposal to participate in the incubator program in this category.
Yadrava Na Vanua Proposal (2021)

Watch Jaden Kah‘s interview – last year’s lead for Team “Not Basic”.  He talks about the application process, his experience in the incubator, and participating in the finals round of the Challenge.

Phase 2: Full Application (Open until 25 February 2024)


The full application to be considered for the Final Pitch and demo day (15 March 2024) has two requirements:

1. A video (no more than 5-miutes in length) demonstration of the team’s solution to the problem area. Example here.
2. A slide presentation ( no more than 20 slides) describing your team solution. Example from last challenge highschool and university/startup winners here.

Watch Yadrava na Vanua’s interview about their application and experience in the incubator below.  See the full presentation in the Suva briefing here.


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