Rich Bodo

Co-Founder and Advisor

Rich Bodo
Since 2015, I have been an independent angel investor for purpose-driven startups.

I have invested in the aerospace, natural building, and hemp industries. I have co-founded and supported companies in those industries very actively, including, and, and I am also working with to connect pre-seed and seed stage entrepreneurs with funding, advisement, and co-founders.

Through my consulting company, Mountain View Smart Contracts, I get to work with friends on pro-bono DLT projects for non-profits and charitable organizations. We have completed projects for the World Food Programme, Mozilla, and others.

For personal interest I study collaboration science and climate engineering problems in an amateur way and I would love to make a contribution to research in those fields should the opportunity arise.

My charitable giving is focused on building basic infrastructure and educational systems for disadvantaged indigenous peoples. I work with Sun Clan in Arizona, Kia Kotahi Ako trust in NZ, NZ Designated Special Character schools, and others.