Trademark Policy

SpaceBase Trademark Policy

Trademarks are words, graphic designs, or other indicia that identify the source of a product or service. Our trademarks include the text SPACEBASE (regardless of stylization, capitalization, translation, or other presentation), the SpaceBase logo, and any combination of the foregoing, whether integrated into a larger whole or standing alone.

You are authorized to use our trademarks subject to this Trademark Policy. You are not authorized to use any modified versions of our trademarks.

SpaceBase retains the right to revoke any trademark permissions for any reason or for no specified reason. SpaceBase is particularly likely to revoke a license if, in its sole discretion, it finds that your use of the trademark is likely to bring disrepute to SpaceBase or any of its trademarks, or confuses the public. For the avoidance of doubt, you do not need our permission to use our corporate logo for referential use (e.g., to refer to SpaceBase as an organization), provided that such use does not imply endorsement by or association with SpaceBase.

For the avoidance of doubt, no member of the SpaceBase network is authorized to use SpaceBase trademarks except in compliance with this policy. This includes, without limitation, that no use of SpaceBase trademarks may be used for projects or activities that are not expressly approved in advance by SpaceBase ([email protected]).

Additional permissions: In addition to the permissions granted in advance to the public as set forth above, SpaceBase may agree to grant additional permissions through [email protected]. Except as specifically stated above or otherwise set forth in a written agreement with you, no additional permissions are granted.

Human Readable version of this Trademark Policy:

Our trademarks include the text SpaceBase (in any form), and our logo. You can use our trademarks to refer to us, but not to imply any relationship that we don’t have. We’re happy to talk to you about this. Send any questions or requests to: [email protected].


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