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Eric Dahlstrom

Eric Dahlstrom is a co-founder of SpaceBase and an Edmund Hillary Fellow with his wife Emeline. Eric is a space engineer, astronomer, and consultant who has worked on spacecraft design and space science for 35 years, both for NASA and the commercial space industry.

International Space Consultants

Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom

Space entrepreneur, global change maker, and aspiring exponential innovator. Emeline is a Co-Founder at SpaceBase, a social enterprise focused on democratizing space for everyone by co-creating space ecosystems in emerging countries, starting with New Zealand.

Space Entrepreneur and Impact instigator

Mark Coetzee

Remote Sensing

Rich Bodo

I joined the Edmund Hillary Fellowship and the SpaceBase dev team in 2017.  I'm currently working on and

I'm currently most interested in climate science, blockchain technology, governance and collaboration.

Science > Done > Perfect