Democratizing Access to Space to Solve Global Problems For Everyone

We are space ecosystem builders.

To create a sustainable space economy for future generations, we catalyze  entrepreneurial space ecosystems in emerging and developing countries, ensuring equal opportunity for the global space community.


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About SpaceBase

SpaceBase is a purpose driven consultancy focused on democratising access to space. We believe that space plays a critical role in addressing planetary challenges, and provides the pathway for unlimited resources and economic benefits.

What We Do

Through our consultancy, we catalyse entrepreneurial space ecosystems by helping:

Develop a space industry in your region
Create and grow space companies
Enable students and professionals to pursue space careers
Find and validate new space business and investment opportunities

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Donate to Spacebase

SpaceBase is a not-for-profit company with a charitable constitution.
We rely on our communities’ support to continue our charitable initiatives including:

  • Running space challenges, meetups and outreach programmes
  • Building online space content for the space community through webinars, podcasts, and resources
  • Delivering presentations and workshops for free across to schools, academic institutions and charitable organizations



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