Sawooly Li

HS Intern

“Space Entrepreneur and Impact instigator”
Sawooly Li
Sawooly Li is currently a Year 13 student at Rangitoto College with a passion for astrophysics, engineering, and all things space related. She was born and raised in beautiful New Zealand, consequently developing an intrinsic appreciation and curiosity for the natural world around us.

Sawooly has been involved in STEM projects in her local community, founding her school’s Physics Club, as well as the Earth and Space Science Club. She was also selected for the Women in Engineering camp at the University of Canterbury earlier in 2022, and is currently also taking the MATHS199 course there.

In the future, Sawooly hopes to study aerospace engineering overseas. She hopes to eventually end up working for NASA, a persistent dream throughout all 5 years of high school. Despite her heavy STEM engagement, she also has a soft spot for the humanitarians, leading UNICEF and UN Youth student groups at her school. She hopes to continue advocating for equality and contributing to pressing global issues far into the future.

In her free time, Sawooly enjoys snowboarding and fondly regards Queenstown and its mountains as the most beautiful place on earth.


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