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Miranda Satterthwaite

Director for Mission to Mars, Aerodynamix and Rocketry courses at Ara Institute of Canterbury. Led Canterbury students to SpaceCamp at NASA Marshall Space Flight Centre and Kennedy Space Centre, as well as visiting NASA Armstrong Flight Centre and NASA Ames Centre in 2018.

Enabling earth based technologies from space

Adam Campbell

I'm interested in Data Science, SciComm, and Space. I have a PhD in Earth and Space Sciences from the University of Washington, where I managed the Engage Science, teaching grad students to communicate research.

AI, Machine Learning, Data Science

Oleg Abramov

I am a Senior Scientist at the Planetary Science Institute (PSI), where I lead several research teams.

SlavikTrums SlavikTrums

Volvo 940


Solomon Farshidfam

Dear Sir,
AS an former temporary NASA worker back in 1986 building 5 for 3 years , NASA road one, Houston Texas (Stubs over Beck Company for 3 years).

E to S dreams

Heena Shah


Passionate about learning!

Gill Dal Din

Working at ChristchurchNZ I run a number of business growth programmes as well as looking to spot commercialisable opportunities.


Julia Rothman

Engineer with 2 decades experience leading US and NZ government space defensive acquisitions.

craig waterworth

Per ardua ad astra!


Being in the field since 2014. Interested in GEOINT as an intelligence discipline.


Khalel Carlos

I'm focused on studying Astrophysics and either Aerospace or Computer Engineering.

Future Leading Force in Asteroid Mining and Innovation