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Axl Rogers

I am a Masters of Science Research student (in Astrophysics) at Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, NZ.

Gary Martin

The International Space University’s Board of Trustees has appointed Mr.

Joshua Rea

First non-engineer at Dawn Aerospace, doing non-engineering stuff.

Not an Engineer

Rich Bodo

I joined the Edmund Hillary Fellowship and the SpaceBase dev team in 2017.  I'm currently working on and

I'm currently most interested in climate science, blockchain technology, governance and collaboration.

Science > Done > Perfect

trav fryer


testing the site!

Dulce Paat



Amarit Charoenphan

Hi my name is Aim and I am the Executive Chairman and Co-founder of HUBBA (, Thailand’s first and largest coworking space and community that is part of Google for Startups Partner Network (the only partner in Thailand).

Exec. Chairman & Cofounder, HUBBA | CCO, Techsauce | EHF Fellow | Obama Foundation Leader | Asian Tech Ecosystem Builder