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Brendan Murphy

Message me and lets build something!

Daniel Weissglass

A philosopher and educator on a mission to ensure that the massive potential of emerging technologies is harnessed to the benefit of humanity.

Nelson Smith

I am a Mechatronics engineer who has worked in machine vision automation and product development.
I am currently working on IoT devices including communication systems, image processing, and firmware.

Thomas Paulin

I'm currently a software engineer working in the bioinformatics industry, but space has always been a passion of mine.

Tracey Willms Deane

Tuatara Design Store is a retail outlet for NZ artists, designers, artisans, and innovators. We have a strong base of Toi Maori as well as a broad spectrum of other kiwi makers and shakers. We bridge many aspects of culture/traditional ways, with innovation/modern technologies.

Made in and of New Zealand Aotearoa