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Kieron Horide

A life-long interest in space and planetary science. I have 25+ years experience in IT, skills I'm sure would be portable to space-related industries. Helping with the Wellington Space MeetUp group.

IT consultant helping run a space MeetUp in Wellington

Felipe Suazo

Hi ! I´m Felipe Suazo, from Iquique Chile, I'm 23 years old, studying Civil Industrial Engineer and got an scholarship with Project PoSSUM, being the first chilean to be a civilian scientist-astronaut.

Kamalanathan Kaspar

Research Analyst- Space , Interdisciplinary Space Professional, Ex-Research Scholar at NASA, Aerospace Design Engineer

Interdisciplinary Space Professional

Rich Bodo

I joined the Edmund Hillary Fellowship and the SpaceBase dev team in 2017.  I'm currently working on and

I'm currently most interested in climate science, blockchain technology, governance and collaboration.

Science > Done > Perfect