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Nicholas Kay

Nicholas is a PhD student at the University of Auckland studying unsteady Unmanned Aerial Vehicle wing aerodynamics. His interests are flight and anything aviation.

Amir A. S. Pirooz

Amir completed his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, in 2015. He further enhanced his knowledge on the field with working in a few different industries besides his undergraduate studies.

Warit Chanprasert

A first-year PhD student in Mechanical engineering at the University of Auckland, doing a research in wind turbine wake modelling.


Swing for the fence!

Logan Baber

I am currently a PhD student studying physics at the University of Auckland. My research interests include ultra-short optical pulses, pulse shaping, nonlinear optics, and telecommunication modulation formats.

Alexandre Schimel

Marine scientist with primary background in underwater acoustics and wider interest in remote sensing of oceans & coasts