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Greg Macpherson

MitoQ and Research

Haritina Mogosanu

Astrobiologist. Space Science Communicator

Stephen Fellner

I'm an embedded hardware/software engineer with a long-time passion for space travel. I love pushing the limits of technology and love challenging projects.

Mark Coetzee

Remote Sensing

gabin vigoss

Le pointeur laser 200mW adopte un module laser vert de 532 nm comme source émettrice de lumière, garantissant ainsi la ligne de référence verte la plus efficace, projetant de manière intense et rapide sur des endroit

Pointeur laser

Petr Skobelev

Founder and President of “Knowledge Genesis” Group of Companies, Head of Department of Samara State Technical University, Head of Laboratory of Multi-Agent Systems in Institute of Control of Complex Systems of Russian Academy of Science
Multi-agent technology

Claudia Kessler

Claudia Kessler is a visionary entrepreneur. She is one of the few female leaders in the space business. Qualified as an aerospace engineer with an MBA, Claudia has worked for more than 30 years in the international space environment.

Space entrepreneur

Alexey Shadrin

In 2011 Alexey Shadrin had Founded the Russian Carbon Fund that became on of the leading sustainability consultants and impact funds in Russia.