Taking Over Org Ownership

Taking over ownership of a SpaceBase Organization

To find your organization:

You can type the name of your organization into the organization search box, and hit enter.  Your organization should come up, and you should click on it.  Below the name of your organization you will see the text: The SpaceBase research team found this organization: recommend a new owner.

If you click on the link on that organization profile page, it will fill out an email to us, and get the conversation started.

Taking over an Administratively Created Organization

How you can tell that the SpaceBase research team has created an organization:

1) SpaceBase Admin is the owner of the organization

2) The organization profile has the following text and link on the Organization Profile: "The SpaceBase research team found this organization: recommend a new owner."

No other organizations will have either of those characteristics.

What we're asking you to do, there, is to send email to feedback@spacebase.co.  That's where the link recommend a new owner goes - to email.  It fills out a subject, so the link is actually handy. 

When emailed, we gaurantee that one or more humans will enthusiastically respond and get to know you.

Other Issues

This has never happened, but the site is young.  If you see another SpaceBase member who you believe should not be the owner of an organization, then send email to feedback@spacebase.co, and we'll talk it through with you, or do the required research. 

Likewise, if you would like to transfer ownership of an organization to someone else, please get in touch.  We haven't automated that, yet.