NEC is a global technology company specialising in Smart City, ICT, biometric and network products and services for government and enterprise.

NEC New Zealand integrates network, digital and identity solutions for Smart City (security, surveillance and sensors), carrier network, biometric and IT platforms (SDN, servers and storage). We service public and private organisations.

NEC New Zealand’s commitment to quality, reliability and value has seen it contribute more than 50 years of innovation in the country.

Every day in New Zealand, NEC:

  • Protects our communities by scanning finger and palm prints of those apprehended by the law
  • Provides high-quality digital cinema to movie goers in over 90 cinemas nationwide
  • Connects more than 80,000 mobile and landline calls every five minutes (including 0800 and emergency service calls) and processes more than 110,000,000 call minutes through New Zealand and internationally
  • Physically sorts 1,500,000 pieces of mail per day
  • Distributes and displays key information and advertising messages on hundreds of digital signage screens around the country

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