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Our Goal is to transform business productivity and profitability by democratizing data, fixing information gaps, assist with management and compliance needs all at a comparatively low cost. 
In doing so we aim to: 
  » Replace paper and spreadsheet based data collection and analysis with a robust cloud based platform.
  » Substantially reduce the overhead cost of manual handling.
  » Increase productivity.
  » Make information accessible with a few button clicks.

Engin.Systems Limited, is a New Zealand owned company with a proven track record of successfully completing complex projects for over 8 years. Prior to being established as a new entity in October 2016, Engin.Systems was the software development division of Cook Costello which is a multidisciplinary engineering company with over 40 years of market standing.

Engin.Systems has a great body of existing work and experience to draw from. With this experience we bring knowledge of the successful software development process. Fundamental to this method is to understand the problem, the business, the data, the technology, and the results. We have been engaged in building SaaS software solutions with web interfaces for over 3 years. Bespoke tool development and data analysis and R&D to extend engineering knowledge has been an aspect of the business over the last 8 years. Between them the software development team have over 20 years’ experience in a wide range of IT fields including web design and development, database and system performance tuning, e-commerce, integration, business analysis and documentation. 

In early September 2016 Cook Costello's software division's Project Sapper was determined merit-worthy by the Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand (ACENZ) for great consultancy work, providing a custom-built solution to a client's complex and evolving needs.

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