TechWeek 2021: Space for Planet Earth Panel

Posted by admin on December 28, 2021

The planet is in a climate emergency. Without any intervention, the planet will be 4 to 5 degrees warmer by the end of the century rendering the Planet mostly uninhabitable with extreme weather, sea level rise, and mass extinctions of life. We have an urgent need to work together and engage a broader community of researchers and innovators in the region to address the problems created by climate change. Today, we have unprecedented access to satellite remote sensing data and technologies that can help us better detect, monitor and measure these changes in the region. This panel will discuss how satellite data is being leveraged today in Aotearoa to address these issues. Moderator: Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom, Co-Founder & CEO, SpaceBase Panelists: Orbica, Blue Cradle, SpaceBase, University of Canterbury