Assembling International Space Station - Lego Style

Posted by admin on March 28, 2020

A discussion of the International Space Station (ISS) LEGO model by SpaceBase co-founder Eric Dahlstrom. Eric worked on ISS design at NASA Langley in the 1990s.

Resources: Lego ISS (this link is for NZ region - make sure to change it to your region)

NASA ISS Operator Reacts to New LEGO ISS Set

“Beyond the Brick's Boone Langston sits down with NASA International Space Station flight controller Kayla LaFrance to discuss the new LEGO ISS set.” missions - International Space Station

Spot the station - enter a nearby city to find when you can see the ISS in the sky

Video tour of the ISS

Space to ground - weekly update from NASA on ISS activity

ISS reference manual (*very detailed!* - 438 pages, 34 MB pdf)