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New Zealand Space Calendar

Christchurch Aerospace Meet Up #8: Moon Landing 50th Anniversary


On July 20th, 1969 the Apollo Lunar Module landed on the moon.  Please join us at Vodafone xone on July 19th for a 50th year moon landing commemoration. 

We request you revel in a celebratory spirit and wear space-themed attire.  It might be your favourite NASA t-shirt, a space suit or sci-fi character.  Let's make this a special event to remember.

Planned presentations: 

Access To Space
Tim Searle
Senior Policy Advisor, New Zealand Space Agency

My Life on Mars
Haritina Mogosanu
Executive Director, NZ Astrobiology Network. Research Scientist at Blue Marble Space Institute of Science. Director of Milky-Way.Kiwi.

Video Address to New Zealand
Anousheh Ansari
First female Private Spaceflight Participant to the International Space Station and patron of the Ansari XPRIZE. The 10 million dollar competition catalysed the suborbital space industry and spurred on companies like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin.

The Virgin Galactic Experience
Mark Rocket
Director, Kea Aerospace. Chair, Christchurch Aerospace Centre.

Future Exploration and Development of the Moon
Eric Dahlstrom
Co-founder, SpaceBase. Co-founder, International Space Consultants. Faculty and Academic Council, International Space University

Video Address to New Zealand
Nicole Stott 
NASA astronaut Nicole Stott served as Flight Engineer and Mission Specialist on two space missions to the International Space Station. She stayed on the ISS for a total of three months and brought NZ’s mascot Harold, the giraffe on the Station.

NASA JPL's Support of Apollo
Glen Willoughby
Advisor IT/Digital Innovation, Office of the CTIO, NASA JPL. Supporting Mars 2020, Europa Clipper and Planetary Defence Programmes.

Apollo 11 photo credit: NASA


Regular attendees to Christchurch aerospace meet ups, please note that we are at a different venue.

Thank you to ChristchurchNZ and SpaceBase and the New Zealand Students' Space Association for assisting with event organisation.  In addition, a moon-sized thank you to TE Connectivity who are providing an impressive 2-metre moon globe featuring hi-res detail of the lunarscape.

A special thank you to our first event sponsor, with an additional sponsor coming soon:


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