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Techweek TV : Rocket Lab - Making space more accessible

Rocket Lab is redefining how we access space - join the conversation

What's it all about?

Rocket Lab is a Kiwi founded space technology company providing frequent and reliable launch services for small satellites. The company builds satellites and rockets, and also operates the world's only private orbital launch site - right here in New Zealand. With several successful launches under the company's belt, Rocket Lab Founder & CEO, Peter Beck, talks about what it took to become the global leader in small satellite launch. Discover what this technology means for the space industry and how better access to space is making a difference in our everyday lives down here on Earth.

Join this TechweekTV session to be inspired by visionary ingenuity and make the most of the rare chance to ask questions of New Zealand's most successful SpaceTech company.


Peter Beck


Peter Beck is the founder and CEO of Rocket Lab, an launch company revolutionizing access to space for small satellites. Peter is responsible for the birth of the space industry in New Zealand and has grown Rocket Lab to become a globally recognised industry leader in small satellite launch. 

Peter led a team of engineers to develop the ĀTEA-1 rocket in 2009, a launch that saw Rocket Lab become the first private company in the Southern Hemisphere to reach space. In 2013 Peter established the Electron orbital launch programme to develop the world's first fully carbon-composite launch vehicle, powered by the world's first 3D printed, electric turbopump-fed rocket engine. Today, Rocket Lab's global team is 450-strong and the company has launched more than 20 satellites to orbit for the likes of NASA. 

Peter also played an instrumental role in establishing the international treaties and legislation that enabled orbital launch capability from New Zealand. He oversaw the development of the first and only private orbital launch range on the globe, located on New Zealand's Mahia Peninsula.