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Shaping the Future of Farming with Aerospace

Shaping the Future of Farming


Increasingly we are seeing military and space aviation technology appearing in agriculture to grow better food using pictures from the air. It is part of a trend toward increasingly data-driven agriculture. But what if we could add to these capabilities the ability to more comprehensively assess the water content of soil, become more rigorous in our ability to spot irrigation and pest problems, and get a general sense of the state of the farm, every day or even every hour? Could this help us clean up our waterways and improve the quality of our soil?

We know our world is stretched to the limits and we have to act if we want healthy food, healthy people and a healthy world. Managing resources better and lowering the chemical load through reducing farm inputs—water, nutrients and pesticides—and maintaining the same output, we will be overcoming a central challenge. More and better data can help with these decisions. Seen this way, what started as a military technology may end up better known as a green-tech tool.

Join us to explore the latest in aerospace technology, the role it could have in tackling some of the fundamental environmental challenges we have and how you can get involved in shaping this future.



9.00am : Welcome & introduction

9.10am : Keynote address 1

9.30am: Keynote address 2

9:50am: Keynote address 3

10.10am : Panel discussion/Interactive Q&A session with Audience

10.30am : Speaking finishes, networking

11.00am : Event finishes


11.00am - Event finishes