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Making Space Normal: Opening up the Inner Solar System

Martian Trust


Charles Polk, PhD, Trustee of The Martian Trust

I’m a space enthusiast, not a space escapist. Realizing the potential of space – pursuing timeless questions, becoming better stewards of Earth, enhancing our economy – requires dealing with space as a normal arena for humanity.  Utopian fantasies, dystopian fantasies, and scientist-only preserves … all those are fine, but not enough to realize the potential.    

The goal of The Martian Trust is to engage space enthusiasts in imagining potential futures and defining of a path to a real future.  Mars is a good focal point, since a robust path to Mars would entail a very different involvement of humanity with space.

I’m preparing a series of talks about making space normal.  These talks will be peppered with some new technologies, some old ideas, some cold business logic,    the occasional historical analogy, and lots of potential for dreaming, learning, media, commerce, and engagement.  

The first talk in this series is titled Making Space Normal: Opening up the Inner Solar System.  The technologies deal with propulsion.  The old ideas deal with infrastructure.  The cold business logic deals with the price of freight.  If the talk works, everyone who hears it should see historical analogies and all manner of potential.

I’ve worked in propulsion.  I’ve worked for JPL.  I’ve consulted in aerospace for decades.  I promise the talk will be interesting.  

Alex Mathews

Alex is a passionate futurist, space enthusiast, entrepreneur and dreamer. He runs Xequals, a creative agency and software development business on Cuba St in central Wellington which engages in a wide range of interesting projects locally and internationally. As someone thrilled at the prospect of humans colonising space and other planets, he volunteers for the Martian Trust as a digital architect and strategist that helps with operations. 


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