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Aerospace Meetup #5


Aerospace Meetup 5


The theme for our first meet up for 2019 is all about "Envisioning The Future". We have three interesting speakers talking about diverse topics such as mapping Antarctic landscapes, electric planes and flying drones. The talks will start at 5.30pm and go through to around 6.30pm, so there will be plenty of time for networking and follow up discussion.


Exploring the Antarctic Valleys of the Dead
Kurt Joy, Orbica
Uncovering the landscape evolution of the McMurdo Dry Valleys via RPAS, LiDAR, multi and hyperspectral imagery. How the increase of spectral and spatial resolution data will change the way we work now and in the future.


The Future of Flight: Electric Planes Are Taking Off
Gary Freedman, Electric Air
We're seeing a revolution in the way we fuel our cars. The petrol pump will soon be resigned to history and instead we'll plug our electric cars in like we do our mobile phones. But what about air transport? This brief talk explores the progress of the electric sky and the ambitious plan to bring the first electric plane to New Zealand. Gary Freedman is a renewable energy specialist and private pilot with a passion for changing the way we travel.


Beyond Line Of Site Drones
Michael Read, Skybase
After an exciting career as a pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force, Michael went on to become a test pilot and executive at Martin Jetpack. Michael now resides in Christchurch and is a founder of Skybase, who are leading developers in the drone industry for Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) flight. In his presentation, he'll pass on some stories of the past, a look to the future of unmanned and autonomous systems.


So come along to the GreenHouse at 146 Lichfield Street, be inspired and network with our local aerospace community!