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Advanced - Storytelling with Maps

Advanced - Storytelling with Maps

Advanced: Intended for Geospatial Professionals 

NOTE: This session has limited places remaining, please sign up for the waitlist so we can release places in order, and also for any potential repeat in 2019.

Join us at LINZ to look at crafting better stories using geospatial information.

In this session we’ll cover a range of themes including:

  • Tools and technologies available
  • Accessing and using Geospatial data sources like the LINZ Data Service
  • Engaging your audience
  • Media Sourcing, referencing and copyright
  • Design concepts including colour, fonts and space.
  • Sharing, embedding, social media, blogs etc.

You will need to bring a laptop, charger, mouse and your lunch.

You may wish to consider a project prior to this workshop, you'll want to source good quality photos, video, perhaps custom icons, online maps, or GIS data in a simple format, like a Shp, or CSV.

Whats Advanced? 
We will focus on how to tell stories more effectively, rather than basic use of the different tools. This assumes you have a good understanding of common geospatial information concepts and tools.