Co-Founder Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom gives a keynote on the "Democratization of Access to Space: Creating Space Ecosystems anywhere Around the World" during this year's Robotex International Conference in Tallinn Estonia.  She also gave another talk specifically on the New Zealand Space Industry as well as participated in the space panel discussion on "Space for Earth"
SpaceBase will be speaking about the "Democratization of Space" on December 1, 2018 at the Robotex International Conference in Tallinn Estonia. Emeline will also be talking about SpaceBase initiatives and progress in New Zealand to date as well as participating in a panel discussion on Space for Earth.
SpaceBase presented during the Edmund Hillary Fellowship program event for new EHF fellows in Christchurch on 8 Nov. Emeline and Eric talked about their business experience working with ChristchurchNZ and launching this year's Inaugural NZ Space Challenge.
SpaceBase giving an update on space initiatives this year at the New Frontiers Conference. See more about New Frontiers at

SpaceBase at New Frontiers Conference 2018

Honored to both talk about our experiences working in the spade industry to the Young Engineers group in Wellington.. Link to our presentation decks enclosed. Http://

Space! Its Not Just Rocket Science