SpaceBase Podcast: On Galaxy Clusters, Dark Matter, and the Origin of the Universe

An interview with Dr. Yvette Perrott, Senior Lecturer at the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences at University of Victoria Wellington.  Yvette has degrees in BA, BSc and BSc( with Hons)majoring in Physics, Italian and Spanish. She completed her PhD in the Cavendish Astrophysics Group in 2013 on a Rutherford PhD Scholarship and was awarded a Trinity College Junior Research Fellowship in the same year. She was also awarded a Rutherford Discovery Fellowship in 2017. Her area of research is on galaxy clusters as cosmological probes for the origins of the universe.

In this interview we will learn about how her research in galaxy clusters could unlock the origins of the universe.  She also talks about a new multidisciplinary space undergraduate degree programme at University of Victoria starting up next year.

Author: EPaatDahlstrom

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