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Gedi Minster

Mechanical Design Engineer

United States


Gedi was born in Jerusalem, Israel. He fell in love with space exploration at the age of seven while visiting the Smithsonian Air and Space museum in Washington DC. 

Gedi served in the Israeli Flight School as a math/physics instructor. He studied Mechanical Engineering in Ben-Gurion University, Israel. He continued to attend the International Space University’s Space Studies Program in 2016, which paved the way to a Masters in Astronautical Engineering from the University of Southern California (USC). In 2019 Gedi graduated from USC with the “Rocket Scientist of the Year” award.

He organized and hosted two Yuri’s Night events in Jerusalem and served as the Astronautical Engineering Senator on the Graduate Student Government. At USC, Gedi hosted a “Ocean Worlds Technologies” panel with JPL directors and mission managers.


Gedi joined the AIAA in 2018 and attended AIAA-LV events before moving to San Jose. Gedi currently works on breakthrough water-powered electric propulsion technologies as well as commercial spacecraft design.


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