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New Zealand Space Challenge 2018

The national New Zealand Space Challenge is brought to you by partners ChristchurchNZ and SpaceBase to develop and apply space data and space technologies to solve current problems today. This Challenge is for everyone who's got a great idea to develop, or an already existing solution being used

University of Auckland Space Institute

Launched in 2016, the Auckland Programme for Space Systems (APSS) is designed for undergraduate students of all fields of study throughout the University of Auckland to collaborate to reach a common goal – contributing broadly towards the field of space research. Second and third year undergraduate

University of Auckland Physics Department

The University of Auckland is home to New Zealand's largest Department of Physics. Our students and scientists explore the fundamental properties of the physical world, and tackle problems ranging from searching for planets around other stars to developing new medical imaging devices and laser

University of Auckland School of Environment

The School of Environment is the place to study and research in Geography, Earth Sciences (Geology), Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Geophysics and Geographical Information Science. Our research and teaching addresses the earth surface and subsurface, climate, social, economic and

University of Otago Department of Physics

The Physics Department of the University of Otago was the first Physics Department established in New Zealand, and physics was a foundation discipline when the University opened in July 1871. Today, the Department embraces innovative teaching methods, promotes a vigorous research ethos, and is

University of Canterbury Engineering

The University of Canterbury is in the top 1 per cent of universities in the world. Our Civil and Natural Resources Engineering Department is ranked in the top 100 worldwide Civil Engineering departments. Chemical and Process Engineering and Electrical and Electronic Engineering are ranked in the

UC Centre for Entrepreneurship

Our programmes at the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) include: The Hatchery for people who have great ideas for a business or social enterprise, but don't know where to start. The Summer Startup Programme which allows students to work on their ideas or ventures full time for 10 weeks, UCE

ARA Institute of Technology

Ara Institute of Canterbury is a vibrant, progressive, government-funded tertiary institute providing world-class, tertiary-level education throughout the Canterbury and Waitaki region. Ara was created in 2016 when education providers CPIT and Aoraki Polytechnic merged, bringing together two well

The Intelligent Systems Vision Laboratory

A leader in advanced low cost computational 3D vision solutions.

Drone Trust

Drone Trust provides CAA certified drone training (theory and practical). Our training courses are run by highly accomplished aviation pilots with experience in managing aviation business, combined with drones. Our online training courses are flexible and can be undertaken by you at your own time

Massey University

Massey University embraces diversity and performance, and provides staff and students with an extensive range of academic opportunities.

AUT Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research (IRASR)

IRASR is the first (and only) radio astronomical institute in New Zealand. It was founded in 2004.

Auckland University of Technology High Performance Computing Research Laboratory

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is the fastest growing and second largest university in New Zealand. It has been a university since 2000, but a place of learning for 120 years and operates in accordance with the Education Act 1989. AUT is a contemporary New Zealand university focused on

Auckland Programmes for Space Systems (APSS)

The Auckland Programme for Space Systems (APSS) is designed for students of all fields of study throughout the University of Auckland to collaborate toward a common goal – contributing broadly towards the field of space research. It will run in cycles that consist of a semester-long Mission Proposal

University of Victoria

Victoria University is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most prestigious tertiary institutions with a proud tradition of academic excellence.