Project Mission
The Challenge will focus on creating a more sustainable agricultural sector through the application of cutting-edge satellite and unmanned aircraft technology.

The Challenge problem statement:

The Challenge seeks to engage teams throughout New Zealand to develop a product or service that detects, monitors or measures water or soil pollution using the very latest satellite and unmanned aircraft technology.  



ChristchurchNZ, in partnership with Airbus and MBIE have launched a Challenge for the brightest minds in New Zealand to solve one of the world’s biggest issues, using emerging unmanned aircraft (UA) and space data technology. 

Applicants will design and build a cutting-edge product or service using space and UA technology to enable sustainable water and soil management in the agritech sector.

Up to 20 applicants will be accepted, and invited into a virtual incubator programme with access to Airbus data and technology, mentorship from tech and agri specialists and the use of testing solutions and guidance from Airways.

The Challenge will culminate in a national demo and pitch event in Christchurch in October 2019, with the winning team receiving a cash prize of $30,000. 

For more information about the NZ Aerospace Challenge, go to NZAerospaceChallenge.com

Success metrics

Success Metrics

Incubator Programme

Up to 20 applicants or teams will be invited into an incubator programme in Christchurch with access to Airbus data and expertise, mentorship from

National Demo and Pitch Event

The Challenge will culminate in a national demo and pitch event in Christchurch in October 2019, with the winning team receiving a cash prize of $30

Real World Solutions

The outcomes of this competition will have real-world applications to some of the most pressing issues facing the agricultural sector, as well as


We anticipate that some of the top projects may progress into start-up and commercial ventures.


  • Sponsors and Collaborators
  • Judges
  • Mentors
  • Unmanned Aircraft (UA) Licensed Operators with applicant teams
  • Unmanned Aircraft (UA) Licensed Hardware to collaborate with applicant teams
  • Industry Specialists
  • Agri Industry thought leaders to speak about the problem challenges during Challenge Road Show across NZ (March-April)

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