SpaceBase, in collaboration with Planet ran the Space for Planet Earth Challenge - leveraging satellite data to address carbon sequestration and coral health in the region. Congratulations to the Grand Prize winners from Newlands College (Not Basic) from Wellington, New Zealand, and Yadrava Na Vanua (Envrionment Watch) from Suva, Fiji!  

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  • Democratizing Access to Space to Solve Universal Problems For Everyone

    The global space economy is predicted to be over a trillion dollar industry by 2040. There is a technological divide between space faring nations and the rest of the world.

    SpaceBase’s goal is to reduce inequality in the space industry for developing and emerging countries, starting in New Zealand.


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  • SpaceBase is an official Ambassador to the International Space University, the world’s premier higher education institution dedicated to space.

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About SpaceBase

SpaceBase is a purpose driven consultancy focused on democratising access to space. We believe that space plays a critical role in addressing planetary challenges, and provides the pathway for unlimited resources and economic benefits.

Over the past 5 years, we have developed the expertise and prototyped a playbook for building entrepreneurial space ecosystems in New Zealand and are expanding our services around the world.

We are an impact-driven organization and we take our Values seriously.

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SpaceBase Workshop for Northpower, Northlands
SpaceBase Workshop for Northlands, NZ





Space For Earth
Space for Planet Earth Challenge Competition, 2021




What We Do

Through our consultancy, we catalyse entrepreneurial space ecosystems by helping:

  • Develop a space industry in your region
  • Create and grow space companies
  • Enable students and professionals to pursue space careers
  • Find and validate new space business and investment opportunities
  • Address local and global challenges with space technologies

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