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Space for Planet Earth Challenge 2023 – Leveraging Satellite Data to Address Climate Change (Team Announcements)

Online Event

Join us for the announcement of theĀ Space for Planet Earth Challenge 2023Ā Incubator Teams from across the Pacific region. Learn about how the competition is addressing climate change, the incubator programme,Ā and the teams that will embark on finding solutions for the challenge. Special guest isĀ Santosh Sheshadri, Head of Technology at Orbica Ltd. He will demonstrate theĀ Orbica's Geospatial Analysis PlatformĀ that will be available to the Challenge teams in the incubator. Orbica Geospatial Analysis Platform This event is made possible in collaboration with theĀ Auckland Climate Festival.


Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC 2023) – Beyond the Karman Line (Melbourne)

Melbourne Convention Centre

SpaceBase CEO paticipates in the GEN-Space session at the annual Global Entrepreneurship Congress. TheĀ Global Entrepreneurship Network SpaceĀ vertical focuses specifically on enabling the success of space startups and entrepreneurs around the world.Ā  This year's summit is hosted in Melbourne, Australia.Ā RegisterĀ to attend.

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