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Greg Bodeker

Greg Bodeker is the director of Bodeker Scientific Ltd, a private research company operating from Alexandra. Bodeker Scientific conducts research into the chemistry and climate of Earth’s atmosphere.

Conducting research into the climate and chemistry of Earth's atmosphere

Ian Wroe

Business strategy professional. Passionate about purpose driven business. Broad international experience and keen entrepreneurial instincts. Rare combination of both very large corporate and early-stage experience.

Robin McNeill

Dishmaster at the Awarua Satellite Ground Station since 2008 and currently leading Southland's space activities.

Melissa Bell

Business Hawke's Bay is devoted to creating the right climate for business to invest, thrive and grow. We work throughout the region from Wairoa to Central Hawke's Bay providing business leadership and support for business and economic growth.

Jiveen MacGillivray

Business support for aeronautical aerospace venturers