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Eric Bristow

Worked in Electronics.

Brian Russell

Tech Entrepreneur/Director
PhD Student in AI

David Wright

My name is David and I recently returned from the USA where I was working in the nano-satellite industry following my Fulbright sponsored studies in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University.

An innovative engineer for space problems

Kurt Higgins

Sample bio info here.




Roelant Hofmans

I ensure that a Data Science initiative delivers tangible results and measurable value to the business by breaking down the business question into actionable tasks for the Data Scientists and Developers.

Ensuring that Data Science delivers tangible results and measurable value to business.

Simon Bardsley

Light the candle!

Nicolas Vergnaud

Born, living and keeping learning.

Loving solving problems and making stuff.

Peter Toth

I'm a visionary space geek, who sees space as the next frontier and I'm putting all my weight behind it.

Also I'm seasoned software developer and performance tuner, squeaking the last bits out of Tux and hardware.

Ryan MacVeigh

Contact me to discuss: GIS, Remote Sensing, Innovation, Thought Leadership, emerging technologies... or anything else that is just as awesome.

National GIS Manager

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Matthew Donaldson

Matthew Donaldson is a Digital Project Manager / Producer with a passion for storytelling, language, science, space and education.