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Ben Parnell

I am a 17-year-old space enthusiast.

Studying a conjoint Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (would do aerospace but it isn't an option in NZ) and Astrophysics.

Peter Sefont

Titanium 3D Printing

Daniel Weissglass

A philosopher and educator on a mission to ensure that the massive potential of emerging technologies is harnessed to the benefit of humanity.

Nelson Smith

I am a Mechatronics engineer who has worked in machine vision automation and product development.
I am currently working on IoT devices including communication systems, image processing, and firmware.

Thomas Paulin

I'm currently a software engineer working in the bioinformatics industry, but space has always been a passion of mine.

Tracey Willms Deane

Tuatara Design Store is a retail outlet for NZ artists, designers, artisans, and innovators. We have a strong base of Toi Maori as well as a broad spectrum of other kiwi makers and shakers. We bridge many aspects of culture/traditional ways, with innovation/modern technologies.

Made in and of New Zealand Aotearoa