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NZ Aerospace Challenge 2019

ChristchurchNZ, in partnership with Airbus and MBIE have launched a Challenge for the brightest minds in New Zealand to solve one of the world’s biggest issues, using emerging unmanned aircraft (UA) and space data technology. 

Applicants will design and build a cutting-edge product or service


Our purpose at Landpro is to create and inspire sustainable solutions through expertise, innovation and technology. To do this, our team work to some simple values that have proven themselves time and time again. We first went into business in 2007. A lot has changed over time, but our values are


Drone Technologies NZ Ltd

Market leaders in drone data capture & remote sensing. DTNZ have over 5 years experience in a range of diverse UAV operations, including NZ’s first BVLOS mission. CEO has over 15 years experience in GIS & data collection projects.

NIWA team - NZ Aerospace Challenge 2019

As part of the NZ Aerospace Challenge 2019, NIWA plans to develop an approach to combine data from satellite and airborne sensors to identify agricultural pollution sources and pathways, and present the resulting information in a way that will provide fast mitigation or remediation on the ground.

Lincoln University

We are going to develop an app estimating the nitrogen content of perennial ryegrass pasture (Lolium perenne) based on the plants' temperatures and different environmental parameters

Entuitive & ENGEO

Entuitive and Engeo have a strong relationship as companies, ENGEO is an Environmental and Geotechnical consultancy with 100 New Zealand staff and over 250 Staff in the USA. ENGEO has one of the largest environmental consultancy teams in New Zealand with 28 specialist Environmental consultants

Kuaka Environmental Analysis

Kuaka Environmental Analysis is a team of Postgraduate Students from the University of Auckland with a passion for flight, space and the environment. Our aim is to develop a comprehensive system which can provide real-world environmental benefits to help keep New Zealand clean and green. We will do

Christ's College

To measure flow rates in Canterbury rivers using satellite based optical and radar imaging.


Based in Christchurch, we are a team of primarily students looking to develop a long-range aerial drone service which provides cost effective sampling of waterways and soil.

The Intelligent Vision Systems Laboratory

The IVS Lab is known for providing vision-based solutions for businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs across New Zealand and the world. We specialise in 3-D Reconstruction, Convolutional Neural Networks and Machine Learning, Object Recognition, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Image Processing


A collaborative team made up of people from Seequent, Lincoln Agritech and the UC Waterways Centre.


Q-Farm is an Auckland based startup comprising of a group of graduate students. The team will leverage existing remote satellite and UAV imaging technologies to provide meaningful data driven solutions for precision agriculture. Through continuous evaluation of pasture quality we will mitigate and

AgriDataX Platform

AgriDataX Platform is a Marketplace, a Farm Land Use Inference and Decisions Platform allowing participants to infer the precise nature of land use and the resulting water and soil pollution for each farm using satellite and UAV footage balancing social costs, production costs, and transaction costs

NZ Space Wiki

The NZ Space Wiki is currently being created with the intent to help space entrepreneurs find the resources they need to build successful space projects and businesses in New Zealand.  It is also for  enthusiasts, students and the general public who wish to explore and participate in space