The national New Zealand Space Challenge is to develop and apply space data and space technologies to current problems. With Antarctica as an analogue of future space exploration, the 2018 Challenge seeks innovative solutions to enable safer, more efficient navigation across Antarctica.

This Challenge is for everyone who's got a great idea to develop or an already existing solution being used elsewhere that could solve the Problem!

Problem Statement:

Specifically, the 2018 New Zealand Space Challenge is to:

Use new or current technologies or data, in space or on the ice to, (a) find the best methods to identify hazards and map a path across the ice, and/or (b) design or prototype new sensor systems and algorithms to help vehicles navigate across the ice in Antarctica.

For more information about the Challenge please go to  and check out the FAQs

Check out the SpaceBase Youtube Channel for the latest videos on briefings and training uploaded on the Challenge.

We encourage you to join here as a member!  If you are looking to join a team or want to create a team to apply for the Challenge, this is the place to find team mates.  We will be adding more resources, links to video, and a Forum/ chat feature shortly to get the community started.  

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