SpaceBase Values


We are Space Mission Driven

We exist to democratize access to space for EVERYONE.


We are Global Impact Focused

We put our impact success metrics and outcome above financial growth.


We work for an Abundant Future   

We are optimists set to build a bright and equitable future that leaves no one behind.


We are Stewards of Planet Earth

We support people to leverage technology to maintain a clean environment on Earth and beyond.


We are Moonshot Thinkers

We are risk-takers who value entrepreneurship and innovation to work on global outcomes and impact.


We promote Exponential Thinking

We believe exponentially advancing technologies provide new opportunities for everyone to share in the benefits of space development.


We develop in the Open

We value transparency. Whenever practicable, we develop using open-source methodologies. We value collaboration over competition.


We promote Science and Research

We support the advancement of science and technology in pursuit of planetary stewardship and space exploration.


We build Community

We believe co-creation and cooperation are key to creating sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems. We bring people together to make things happen.


We value Diversity

We believe diversity in gender, race, culture, mindset, and backgrounds build inclusive, healthy, innovative communities.


We are Educators

We value life long learning as a key component to global innovation, advancement, and progress.


We are Neutral

We aspire to be a neutral ground for initiatives and alliances to flourish. We don’t play favourites in pursuit of our impact goals.