Project Mission
Our goal is to help clean up New Zealand's natural beauty by tracking pollution in water and on land to its source, with a combination of aerial and satellite technology.
Through the use of satellites, we can provide long-term, wide scale monitoring. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles provide flexible, high-resolution tracking and monitoring at low cost.



Kuaka Environmental Analysis is a team of Postgraduate Students from the University of Auckland with a passion for flight, space and the environment. Our aim is to develop a comprehensive system which can provide real-world environmental benefits to help keep New Zealand clean and green. We will do this via linking satellite and UAV technology to provide a broad, continuous picture, and high-resolution pollution tracking on land and in water as necessary.

Success metrics

Success Metrics

90% Swimmable Rivers 2040

Providing a quantifiable means of tracking water quality to meet the Government Swimmable Rivers target

Pollution Sources, Water and Soil

Identifying and tracking primary pollution sources on land and in water.


  • UAV System Test Platform
  • Earth Observation Satellite Data
  • Lightweight Sensor System Hardware (LiDAR and Multispectral imaging)
  • Machine Learning mentorship
  • Business practice mentorship

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