We're in Beta.  Here's what works:

Hi there.  We're working hard on this software, but we've just barely released an MVP.  We will be releasing early and often, and bringing up these features as quickly as possible:

  • User functions - create profile - WORKS
  • Organization functions - create org, join org, create and share resources - WORKS
  • Search Features - WORKS
  • Recommend functions - bringing in others to the site - WORKS

What's on the Roadmap?

This MVP site is going to be a directory of organizations and people.  That's it.  We are adding a nice search capability, private resource links for organization members, org-level forums, and more controls for organization owners, but no other major features.

The main reason for you to use this site early is to participate in helping make it into something you will find useful, and hopefully, love.  We need your feedback and suggestions to get there. 

We will publish a full roadmap soon, but here are some features we are working on:

  • Forum functions - orgs and site-wide - TBD
  • Calendar Functions - orgs and site-wide (members can suggest a site-wide event) - TBD
  • Blog function - orgs and site-wide (members can suggest a site-wide post) - TBD
  • Project Functions - orgs can manage projects - TBD
  • Voting System - site-wide - vote on project sponsorship - TBD
  • Job Board - site-wide - contributors can post - TBD
  • LinkedIn integration - TBD

You, space folk, are our people.  We knew before we started that we would be working on this with you or not at all.  We know we need a directory, but we don't know what we ALL need.

Send email to, or join our slack channel to chat with us.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Searching the Directory

Enter any terms in the search box on the home page, or any page with a search box, to search.

You can put a search string in quotes, like "space challenge".  That will return people and organizations with the precise, case-insensitive search string "space challenge" in the title or description.

Joining the SpaceBase Directory

The "Join" button on the homepage will ask you to fill out a member profile.  Click on the join button and fill out your profile.  There are only a couple required fields - takes but a few seconds.

You'll get an email asking you to confirm that you asked to do that.  Confirm by clicking on the link.   That's all it takes!

We will never share your email with anyone through this site, for any reason.  Depending on the feedback we get, there is a chance we could add a feature that would enable you to do that yourself.

Joining an Organization

Once you are a logged in member, you can join an organization.  Search is the best way to find the organization you want.  Just type the name of the organization you want to join into the search box on the homepage.  If the organization is on SpaceBase, you can select it to see it's profile page, and you can join it with the Join button.

The owner of the organization will not have to approve your membership, but they may revoke it.  We might change this based on feedback.

Creating an Organization

Before you create an organization, search for it to make sure it's not already there.  If an exact match is not found, then you will see a link at the bottom of the search results: "Don't see the organization you're looking for, you can create it.".  Click on that link.

You get to fill out an organization profile.  Yay!  Fill that out and you will have a brand new SpaceBase organization.

The profile form should be pretty straightforward.  There is really just one thing to know:

The resources section allows you to highlight external resources that will be useful to your organization members.  These might be links to dropbox, slack, google drive, important documents, or whatever. Resources are public for now.  In the future, we will allow resources to be marked "protected" - making them private to organization members. 

As the owner of an organization, you control the profile page, and who can become a member.  As we add features to the platform, your organization will be automatically upgraded.


Approving Members

The flow today for joining an org is to allow anyone to join - the org owner can remove members as needed.  We do intend to implement  a different flow for joining organizations, in which members cannot join without approval of the owner of the organization, or in which new members cannot even apply, but must be added to the org manually.

We are experimenting with this flow, and based on your feedback and guidance, we will experiment until we find the right mix. 

Hey! Some weirdo owns my Organization.  What do I do!

Don't worry.  There are only a couple benign reasons that this might be, and we can fix the problem quickly, with your help.

First reason:  We added your organization.  We add NZ space industry organizations to the directory ourselves under the user "spacebaseadmin".  We only add very basic information that is public and we believe to be factual.   Send email to  We'll verify that you are an authorized representative of that company, and make you the owner.

Second reason: Someone else added your organization.  This is something that we can resolve quickly, if you will contact us, by discussing it with you.  Send email to and we'll get to the bottom of it.

When we started work on this project, we were told that there really were only one or two organizations in the space industry in New Zealand.  So we went out and found over 70 of them, and spoke with them.  We have added them all to the directory, and invited them to become the owners of those organizations.  It seems like we're finding new organizations every day, which brings us a lot of joy.

We Reserve the Right to...

Change things, mainly.  Expect this site to change, a lot.  Hopefully on your request.