Project Mission
We plan to utilize a multitude of sensor and IT technology to monitor, quantify, and deliver pertinent information around sediment from erosion in our river systems. Erosion from agriculture is a large contributor to sediment in waterways. We believe a combination of satellite, UAV and manned aircraft, along with in-situ sensors, IOT and other data sources can be used to compile a large variety of relevant data at high frequency. This data will be used to automatically produce deliverables to be analysed and delivered to an online portal for potential stakeholders.
This will enable accurate, relevant data compiled automatically to be analysed as required, removing the need for intensive ground sampling by manual methods. It will also provide a delivery service for further scientific research with the capability to customize data analysis.
The project will concentrate initially on plant growth and sediment level around waterways, with future plans to allow different solution focus for additional industry revenue.
For the trial purposes of the challenge, we will focus on a number of AOI's along the Clutha River.



Our purpose at Landpro is to create and inspire sustainable solutions through expertise, innovation and technology. To do this, our team work to some simple values that have proven themselves time and time again. We first went into business in 2007. A lot has changed over time, but our values are the same.


         BE HONEST - Being honest is at the core of who we are. This means that ultimately, we do what we say we do. We are committed and dependable. We won’t hide from giving advice that is right for our clients or telling people something that they may not want to hear. We will however do this with respect and integrity and in return we gain the trust of the people who partner with us.

     BE YOUR BEST Always pitch up. Always give your best, even when its hard.  Remember you are awesome. Be


prepared to listen and learn. Be prepared to share and help. Be prepared to try and fail. Be prepared to succeed. Most importantly, be yourself and remember to have fun.

     BE COLLABORATIVE - We are a team. Our strength lies in working together. We can’t do it all on our own.


Relationships matter and remember that it is how you make people feel that counts.


We’re a multi-disciplined team of dedicated land professionals, including geospatial experts, cadastral surveyors, planners, and environmental scientists.


Everyone on our team has been handpicked for unique strengths and capabilities in specialized, highly technical fields. But, it’s our combined knowledge, ingenuity, skill and experience that ensures our clients get the best possible outcome for their projects


We are dedicated to regional New Zealand and truly believe that together, were the countrys sharpest problem solvers.


We pride ourselves on solving problems, whether it be navigating a project through complex legislation, or working on some of the biggest problems that face our planet. It’s our job to peel back the layers to find what’s really at stake, then find a way to make goals and ambitions a reality.



  • Our main requirement is a solid understanding of the sensors available to deliver us satellite data, and the acquisition of regular data over our project area. I would like to meet with someone from Airbus who can discuss in detail the sensor technology, pre processing, delivered data precision, and many more quite specific technical questions. We then would like to understand exactly how we go about acquiring this data over the required region. From there, we would like to list specific data requests etc.

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